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Sacred Myth as History

The goal of Ancient Witness is to harmonize all the oldest oral traditions on Earth into one “Mother Story” of humanity's interactions with each other and with their creators. I suspect that at some point in the distant past, humans had a much more intimate relationship with... someone.

Perhaps the Ancient Alien Theorists are correct and Ancient Astronauts visited our planet millenia ago. Perhaps there was inter-dimensional communication with handbag aficionados at Gobleki Tepe, which served as an ancient university and UN. I have seen evidence that shows someone on this planet gained a great deal of theoretical knowledge and practical technology much advanced of the cartoonish caveman we learned about in grade school.

In order to fulfill the mission of Ancient Witness, I need to determine what knowledge, skills and abilities are needed for each step along the way. In education, this process is called task analysis. My living task analysis is below, ending with the final project goal of publication, and serves as a site map for this project's web site.
Who know how long it will take me to reconstruct what Mother Earth - the Ancient Witness herself - has seen about humanity? Does it really matter? 😉


Determine the geographic regions of Earth.

  • Amazonia & Peru
  • Antarctica
  • Australia
  • Central America & Caribbean
  • East Asia & Japan
  • Europe & British Isles
  • India & Central Asia
  • Middle East
  • North America & Greenland
  • Northern Africa
  • Northern Asia & Aleutian Islands
  • Scandinavia
  • Southeast Asia & Pacific Oceania
  • Sub-Saharan Africa & Madagascar
  • Sub-Selvan South America

Trace human migration throughout time among the geographic regions of Earth.

KSAs to Develop:

  • Timelines and time maps of each geographic region of Earth
  • Ancient map reading (alternate prime meridians, norths, spherical trigonometry, etc.)
  • Paleogeology (continental drift, ice ages, etc.)
  • Ancient Earth Science & Archeoastronomy
  • Archaeological record, worldwide


Determine which histories are the most ancient in each geographical region of Earth.

KSAs to Develop:

  • Tribal database to find unpublished myths
  • List of known myths, maps and oral histories

Locate the most ancient histories.

KSAs to Develop:

  • Internet searching
  • Museum searching
  • Networking for access to documents and artefacts

Collect the most ancient histories, which may require fieldwork.

KSAs to Develop:

  • Archaeological fieldwork skills
  • Ethnological interview techniques


Harmonize the best English translations of each history to render it is its most exact form. When in doubt, assume advanced technology and/or alien contact was described.

KSAs to Develop:

  • Linguistics foundations
  • The evolution of language (gesture, oral, iconic, hieroglyphic/kanjic, phonemic)


Combine like elements of all ancient oral histories in chronological order.


Publish a harmonized history of humanity and the Ancient Witness in English.

KSAs to Develop:

  • Publishing process for print and Kindle